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Cert #NameDate PurgedDate Certified
1Champion Boxed Beef1/1/19981/1/1991
2Royal Crest Dairy 2/1/1991
3Conley-Built, Inc.2/1/19982/1/1991
4Northglenn, City of 5/9/1991
5Mason Transportation, Inc.5/9/19945/9/1991
6U S Engineering Company 5/9/1991
7Encon United Company 5/9/1991
8Turner Brothers Painting & Roofing8/5/19988/15/1991
9Capco, Incorporated12/6/20178/15/1991
10Horizons Health Care & Retirement Community8/15/19928/15/1991
11Dvorak, Bill Kayak & Rafting Expeditions, Inc. 8/15/1991
12Whitney Electric8/15/20098/15/1991
13Craig Hospital 8/15/1991
14Lakewood Brick & Tile Company 8/15/1991
15Master Klean Janitorial, Inc. 8/15/1991
16Candy's Tortilla Factory, Inc.6/17/19979/11/1991
17Western Scrap Processing Co., Inc.9/6/200010/9/1991
18Front Range Job Services, Inc.11/13/200511/13/1991
19Design Mechanical, Inc.9/18/200011/13/1991
20Allen Plumbing & Heating, LLC 11/13/1991
21Denver Equipment Company10/27/199411/13/1991
22Tolin Mechanical Systems 12/11/1991
23Rich's Auto Body12/11/199312/11/1991
24Cotter Corporation12/5/200112/11/1991

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