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Division of Workers' Compensation

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Workers' Compensation Coverage Rejection

This screen allows interested parties to search for evidence of rejection of Workers' Compensation coverage by sole proprietors, and/or partners performing construction work as well as coporate officers, members of an LLC who are also at least 10% owners of the business and participate in the daily operations and/or management of the business.


The information provided here is from data submitted to the Colorado Division of Workers' Compensation (D.O.W.C.). There may be errors and/or discrepancies with this information due to causes outside the control of the D.O.W.C. Therefore, D.O.W.C. does not guarantee the accuracy of this information. If your search does not produce a result, this does not necessarily mean that a rejection of coverage has not been filed. Rejection forms received by D.O.W.C. become effective the day after all required information is received, but processing may take several days. For additional information or assistance with verifying rejection of Workers’ Compensation coverage, please contact Customer Service at (303) 318-8700 in the metro area or (888) 390-7936.

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